About Pushkar Fair.

Pushkar is the home of only Brahma Temple in India and millions of pilgrims come here for blessing from the lord, guidance and to wash their sins away. Ulltimate Travels offers all inclusive Pushkar Tour Packages for the comfort of the pilgrims. Our tour packages include hotel accommodation, sightseeing, pilgrimage, foods and an optional guide. If you are looking for Pushkar tour in India , Ulltimate travels is your best option, thanks to our quality of service and our hospitability.

Pushkar is famous for the Brahma temple which is the only temple of Lord Brahma in the world. It is just on the banks of the beautiful Pushkar Lake which also has miraculous powers. Take one of the 52 Ghats going into the Pushkar Lake and wash your sins away. Our Pushkar package includes everything. If you want to watch the full glow of Pushkar, visit it during Kartik Poornima in October-November. Lakhs of pilgrims visit Pushkar as the annual Pushkar mela (Pushkar fair) is organised. Take part in the special devotional activities during this phase and find true spiritual piece.

There are more than 500 temples around this lake and exploring those makes you forget the world and be near to God. Our comfortably designed Pushkar tour itinerary allows you to visit each of them at your own pace.

We also provide transport for you, for a very competitive charge, to all our clients. Moreover, we let you feel the spirituality in the air, something which you seek when you come to Pushkar. Comfortable hotel rooms, special vegetarian meals and polite staffs will make your Pushkar tour in India the most memorable spiritual gateway ever.

You can also opt for a day tour to Pushkar from Jaipur where we will arrange for the car and complete care during your day out.

Pushkar a small city situated in the states of Rajasthan. pushkar mela fair India is famous for its Brahma Temples and the world’s most interesting Cattle fair which is named as Pushkar Cattle fair. The Pushkar Fair (Pushkar Camel Fair) or locally Pushkar Mela is a yearly five-day camel and animals reasonable held in the town of Pushkar in the condition of Rajasthan, India. It is one of the world's biggest camel fairs. Aside from the purchasing and offering of animals, it has turned into a vital vacation destination. Rivalries, for example, the "matka phod", "longest mustache", and "marriage rivalry" are the primary draws for this reasonable which pulls in a large number of tourists.[1] as of late the reasonable has likewise incorporated a display cricket coordinate between the nearby Pushkar club and a group of arbitrary remote visitors. The Imperial Gazetteer of India specifies a participation of 100,000 travelers in mid 1900s. Thousands of people go to the banks of the Pushkar Lake where the fair takes place. Men buy and sell their livestock, which includes camels, cows, sheep and goats.[2] The women go to the stalls, full of bracelets, clothes, textiles and fabrics. A camel race starts off the festival, with music, songs and exhibitions to follow. Between these events, the most waited for is the test of how the camel is able to bring the items. In order to demonstrate, the men go up on the group of camels one after another. It is celebrated for five days from the Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima, the full moon day (the 15th) of Kartik (October–November) in Hindu calendar. The full moon day is the main day and the day, according to legend, when the Hindu god Brahma sprung up the Pushkar Lake, thus numerous people swim in its sacred waters.

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pushkar fair tour 2017 attracts numerous visitors from all over the world who come to this small city in Rajasthan for a Holy Dip at the Ghats near Brahma Temple. But the crowd of tourist is mostly attracted by its annual cattle fair,pushkar fair which is spectacular to behold. Pushkar is well known as a tourist destination. The Rajasthan tourism ministry has taken several measures to ensure the comfort and safety of the tourists who come to Pushkar. There are many hotels in the city ranging from the luxurious to the budget-friendly. Thus, accommodation and food are easily available here. But during the pushkar cattle fair duration get ready to shell out extra bucks for your accommodation because the entire city is almost sold out months ago.

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Pushkar, has an interesting and long historical past which one can listen from the villagers from Pushkar. Pushkar is a tranquil and peaceful city. pushkar mela fair For those who want to know about Pushkar and its great historical and cultural heritage, a visit to this city gives the perfect opportunity.

Why One Should visit Pushkar?

Pushkar is the site of the holiest lake in the country.
Pushkar fair is termed as one of the largest cattle fair after Sonepur Mela in Bihar.
According to Hindu Mythology, pushkar mela fair one of the oldest city in India and the only city in world to have the dedicated temple of Lord Brahma – the creator.
Pushkar has 52 bathing ghats, which are linked to the lunar calendar, enclose the lake. Each ghat has its own miraculous qualities and powers of healing.
Pushkar city is also termed as city of temples and has over 500 temples built over different eras with varied architectural styles.
An opportunity to visit the locals of Rajasthan. The locals here are still free from commercialization.